Sunday, January 15, 2023

stadium club 2022

 I finally got my hobby boxes of 2022 Stadium Club and will show a couple of my favorite photos.

Sets of stadium club from the 2000's are the only sets I'm working to finish.  The collation from my two 

boxes of 2022 were very good.  I'm short 42 from making a set.   The auto's were also pretty good.

This card will probably pay for both boxes with a little left over.  9/10

Smallest printing i've seen on a card.  Since I live 45 miles from Detroit, this card
will also sell well.

This was also a great auto, but since it's full of bubble gum, I'll keep this one

I can add this one to my american flag collection

Here's a recycled Ted photo

This is the first time i've seen this Babe photo.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Baseball Movies

 While watching the Sandlot for probably the 100th time, I decided to see if was ranked on a list of best 

baseball movies.  I've used Baseball Almanac as my main reference for the rest of this post.

The first Baseball Movie was titled "the Ball Game" and came out in 1898 and was made by

Thomas Edison.  There are over 300 titles on their list which includes Naked Gun, City Slickers,

Space Jam and Ferris Bueller.  Everyone has their favorite baseball movie.  On Baseball Almanac,

my favorite The Sandlot, is ranked #9.

2018 Topps Archives

I'm trying to build this set and still need these 4 cards.  Wendy, Smalls, 
Kenny Denunez and Tommy Timmons
I have an extra Hercules to trade and would consider trading some good cards
for any one of my 4 missing cards.

This card not only started my love of Bubble cards but also cements my love 
of the "sandlot".

Babe Ruth has had his share of baseball movies

Jackie's first movie debuted in 1952.

Kelly could ride a mean motorcycle, 1976.

My favorite baseball bit.

If you build it, he will come.

Just a bit outside.

My favorite card from this movie, My granddaughter is named Millie.

There are many movies for MLB teams

Some movies I had never heard of

I have no cards for the movie "The Rookie" but here are one of my many
Jim Morris rookie cards.

I also could not find any cards from the movie "Trouble with the Curve"
My daughter was living in Decatur, Ga. and they shot some scenes from
this movie on her street.  She said they blocked here street for a few days
when filming.  She reported no sightings of Clint Eastwood.

What is your favorite Baseball Movie?

Monday, November 14, 2022

Griffey Ripken Ryan

 Lots of collectors have Griffey Jr, Nolan Ryan, and Ripken Jr. cards.  I have a whole binder of cards

for this trio.  However, mine are all oddballs.  Here are some of my favorites.

My Ryan "rookie"

A Ventura sandwich

Smokey Bear

A Hallmark Special

Dept. of Motor Vehicles

I have a lot of SI for Kids

Another phone card

Griffey was on multiple phone cards

another SI

There were so many unauthorized Griffey's

Sunday, October 30, 2022


 I was inspired by Gavin a few years ago to begin collecting cards with Bob or Bobby first names.

There are now over 200 different cards in my "Bob" collection.

Here are some of my favorites.

I forgot my 1952 Berk Ross Bobby Doerr

More 1950's Bob"s

Bob Allison, one of first Rookie Cup

HOF'er and manager

Another Two-fer in my collection

On a few cards he is Bob Clemente

Notice the BOB on his jersey

Hostess Bob

Don't mess with Bob

Just a bit outside

I must be in the front row

Thursday, October 6, 2022


 I thought I had all the years for TCMA but found out as I was doing this post that I'm missing 1976.

I would be happy to trade some of my other TCMA cards to anyone that has a 1976 TCMA.   Who it is 

doesn't matter.














Ironically Roger Maris died in 1985.  He did win his 2nd straight MVP in 1961 after

breaking Ruth's record.   The vote in '61 was close with Mantle  second.

Some coincidental parallels to this season with Judge and Ohtani.

stadium club 2022

 I finally got my hobby boxes of 2022 Stadium Club and will show a couple of my favorite photos. Sets of stadium club from the 2000's ar...