Thursday, April 21, 2022

New Bubbles and more Estate Sale cards

 I've been enjoying the Florida sun and not posted in awhile.  Here are some new Bubbles and more finds from my recent Estate Sale purchase.

The first two bubbles are from my first unopened packs of Japanese cards.

These next two bubbles are more recent

An unusual Drew Brees Rookie

A new Gehrig for my collection

The Autos were all in the same display as the Williams auto in my last post

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Estate Sale Bonanza

 My friend Pat's buddy called him about a guy that wanted to sell his sports collection.  We went over on a sunday evening to the house and met a 95 year old gentleman who has been collecting for awhile.  

Most of his collection was magazines and memorabilia but we struck a deal to take it all and unearthed some gems when we sorted through the mass of items.

Here are a few of the treasures we found.

This is a postcard from Johnny Bench's restaurant in Cincinnati.  It's now closed but I did get a chance to eat there a few times.

Quite a few autographs, but this is my favorite.

Among all the paper were ballots from all the All Star games.  This is from the 1970 game

Over a hundred decks of old playing cards

Art was a big Reds fan that included this auto of Sam Jethroe

This is one of the oldest cards, 1947 Exhibit

Lots of unusual cards

1975 TCMA

Fro-joy Ice cream TCMA reprint

Baseball Legends

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Multi Sport Crossover

 Lately it seems like i've been able to go thru more multi-sports and non-sports cards.   I'm always on the lookout for any card that is a non standard pose.   However, I'm starting with one of the the "Bubble Gum Baseball" cards that Gavin, baseballcardbreakdown, sent me.

I have received customs from several other artists, but Gavin's is the best by a large margin.

Could this be the Tour De Green Bay?

He's got the pads to step right in.

That puck might hurt if he misses.

Some nights goalies might think the puck looks like the size of a basketball.

Looks what came in from the Bay, "Aquaman".

Crossfit potential contestant?

Flyers new mascot.

This is a Topps 1956 card from a plane series.

I learn something new all the time from looking at Cards.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 I've worn glasses since the 3rd Grade.  Here are a few cards with different types of glasses.

Ryne Duran was noted for his fastball and wildness.  His glasses helped his reputation.

How's this for a glint in your eye?

Hall of Famer Chick Hafey

Here's the Silliest pair

Shagging fly balls in the outfield?

And a few other fun Glasses cards

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Non Sport Cards

 I have a binder full of Non Sport Cards that I collect because they remind me of my earlier years.   

I don't collect cards to make sets.(exception: Stadium baseball)  Usually if I can get one card that has a 

story, I'm happy.

Still not sure what this card is

Go Mario

Poster Girl

Diana Rigg from the Avengers(before the newer Avengers)

A tv show I watched, The Rat Patrol

A Sports Illustrated card

I have watched the Goonies a lot of times

There are a lot of fantasy cards

Bond, James Bond

I liked the original version

Another Sports Illustrated card


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

No theme, just some different cards.

 I keep a pile of different cards on my desk with unique twists on the game.  I try to accumulate a

few with the same theme, but sometimes there are only a few or one of a kind.

I'm always on the lookout for a brand of card I've never seen

This theme is probably on a few cards, but here are two I have

Doesn't look like bubble gum to me

Supply your own caption for this card!

Ron Howard was actually a pretty good athlete

Could this be the bird Randy Johnson hit?

Give me just one at bat.

That tiger looks hungry

New Bubbles and more Estate Sale cards

 I've been enjoying the Florida sun and not posted in awhile.  Here are some new Bubbles and more finds from my recent Estate Sale purch...