Saturday, December 7, 2019

80's Bubbles

The 70's had 6 total bubble cards.   UD alone has 8 cards from 1989.  Total bubble cards, so far,
in the 80's are 19.

The first cards with the bubble on the back of the card come from 1980 Topps.  They are also
the first "cartoon" bubbles.

Next cards are from 1982 Fleer

My next Hall of Famer followed in 1983

1983 The Franchise Brooks Robinson

Our first minor league card.  1983 Frisch Midwest League Al Jones

Another Oddball   1985 Kondritz Vince Coleman

1988 Play Ball America Wade Boggs

1988 Classic Eric Davis

And the set with the 2nd most bubble cards 1989 Upper Deck.
This set had bubbles on the backs and popped bubbles.

Just today I was reading another blog and found the new leader in Earliest Bubble Blowing related
to cards.  It was a .05 cent 1965 Topps Wax Wrapper with a boy blowing a bubble on the bottom 
of the wrapper.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Mini Collection - Card on Card

One of my Mini Collections, Card on Card, is a fun way to look for something when going through boxes at a show.

Some earlier cards.


Minor Leagues

other sports

and the Head Coach

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunset cards, Not Topps

Lots of collectors have different opinions on Sunset cards.  Topps only, base cards, and others are all possibilities.  My take are for cards that follow the last year a player was in the majors and have Stats on the back.  Many players don't have a card with final stats on their Sunset cards.  All players that have played for 10 years are eligible for my binders.  I have an original sunset card of all Hof'ers from the 50's to the present with two exceptions, 53 Paige and 56 Jackie Robinson.  For those two players, I do have reprint cards.  The first player from the 50's

                                                   1950 Bowman Joe Gordon

However, I broke one of my rules, no stats on the back.

The next two players also don't have stats on the back.

                                            1952 Berk Ross Joe DiMaggio and Bobby Doerr

The first 50's player that has stats on the back is another non-Topps card.  Also in 1953 was Johnny Mize, the first player to have more than one Sunset card.   Johnny had both Topps and a Bowman card.  Mize did play in 1953 and his two cards do not have his final stats.

                                                           1953 Bowman Lou Boudreau

The final non-Topps Sunset Hof'er card from the 50's

                                                  1955 Bowman Ralph Kiner

My 60's Hof'er Non-Topps Sunset cards

                                                               1961 Fleer Ted Williams

                                                               1963 Post Early Wynn

           Other Hof'ers had multiple Sunset cards in the 60's, but the two above cards were the only non-Topps Sunset cards.  Early Wynn also had a 1963 Jell-O card.  More to follow.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

My First Blog

Here I go.   First Blog.   After reading my peers blogs for the last few years, I decided to start with my passion, Blowing Bubbles on cards.  Others have posted Bubble Blowing cards in the past. I know I have missed many cards with this theme and maybe this blog might help a little in filling in my missing cards.  So far I have over 700 different cards, bobbleheads, gnomes, pictures and misc. 
of bubble blowing.

As far as I can tell it started with this card.

1973 Topps Mercury Morris

Just a year ago I thought this card was first.

                                                              1974 Topps Ken Reitz

I look at a lot of cards.  I "volunteer" at a local card shop and in exchange for sorting, making sets,
taking cards out of binders and other jobs I get to keep some cards.  My bubble collection includes cards from all sports.   The card below is the first card not from Topps.

                                                              1975 SSPC Lou Piniella

Future posts will include more bubble blowing history, as well as, some other of my card passions.
They are Sunset cards, HOF'er's, and mini collections of American Flags, Guest appearances of HOF'ers on other player cards, footballs on baseball cards, die cut cards and others.

Some of my recent trade partners are Nick(Dime Box), Kerry(Cards on Cards), Bo, Tom and others.
I appreciate your shout outs on your blogs.  I have lots of cards to trade.  Please contact me about trades and add me to Blog lists.

80's Bubbles

The 70's had 6 total bubble cards.   UD alone has 8 cards from 1989.  Total bubble cards, so far, in the 80's are 19. The first c...