Sunday, March 29, 2020

Estate Sale 3

For my third post from the estate sale, I'll show some pictures from the boxes of misc stuff.
My friend's half included about 200 various sports magazines but here are two magazines that I got in one of my boxes.

There were also a lot of photos and larger pieces.  Most of these I'm showing you were 8 x 10's.

There were about 10 of these Barry Cola photos from 1989.

This photo shows a little history.

No other info on this.   It folds and there are four separate pictures of Brooks.

I think the whole series of Baseball talk was included.

Another interesting piece was this 13 x 21 poster of the Babe and Hank.

The Brotherhood of Excellence poster features the same graphic as a carving by Art Inyo McKellips that was unveiled at Atlanta Stadium in 1974.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Estate Sale 2

Here is my 2nd post dealing with my estate sale discoveries from a few weeks ago.   A picture from my basement showing my half of the haul.

This doesn't include the 27 binders and the half that my friend took home.

Our collector that accumulated this treasure was equal when he/she bought cards.
All the major sports plus golf.



Our hometown boy, Eruzione, who played for the Toledo Golddiggers

Stormin Norman

This entire series of 80 Michigan football cards, all autographed.

There are even about a half dozen autographed soccer cards.  And of course many baseball.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Estate Sale 1

I was lucky enough to have a friend who is obsessed with garage sales, auctions and estate sales.  He texted me a couple of weeks ago about an estate sale in Ypsilanti, about a 50 minute drive.  We got their early and were the first to arrive.  We put our own sign up list on the door with our names first.
This was the 2nd day of the sale which means everything is 50% off.  It also means that anyone on the day before could have already purchased all the good stuff.

All the cards were in a back bedroom.  There were literally hundreds of boxes and binders still available.  We started going through some boxes along with 10 other guys who came in right behind us.  They were all labeled with some kind of numbering system or the words commons or stars.

This collector had amassed a lot of cards.  Only glancing in each box, I started setting aside some boxes.  Pretty soon there were a lot of boxes and binders.   My friend, who likes memorabilia, had also accumulated a pile and together we negotiated a price for the lot.   We still didn't know what we had.

We split the pile up and each took some home.  Over the next few posts I'll go over what we found.

Most of the cards were from the 70's through the 90's.  Very few cards were newer.

Not too many vintage baseball rookies but three of these Trammell Burger King rookies.

My favorites, Oddballs

A whole set of Baseball's Wildest Plays

A binder full of Ryans, earliest was the 75

 Lots of inserts

This card came out of a common labeled box

But was surprised us the most was a full 3200 count box of autos, jerseys and bat cards.
Our collector had over a thousand TTM's.

These were a few of my favorites.

A mini Jersey card.

I tried to get all baseball but did get a couple of vintage boxes of basketball, football. 
hockey and racing.

This is one of the newer cards we found.

More posts this week.


Monday, March 2, 2020

Oddball Cards Part 3

I've posted Oddballs before, but since this is one of my favorite Mini Collections here are some more of my favorites.

Beer Cards

Cards that promote books.

An essay contest.

French Canadian

Local Promo cards.

Another book promotion.

Next up will be the Food Oddballs.

Sports Illustrated mini collections

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