Thursday, January 25, 2024

2023 Stadium Many Mini Collections

 I received my 2023 Stadium and it's still my favorite of all the releases.  It has rookies and vets, mini 

collection gems and, at least for me, Autos that help defer my cost.  This is the 2nd year in a row that a 

Juan Soto Auto has made a difference.  In 2022 Stadium, I got a co signer of Soto and Guerrero.  

This year;

Only 25 of this Auto.  It was in the 2nd to last pack I opened.

My first player sitting in a lounge chair.  Look at the TV.

Let's play Two.

Lots of players signing Autos this year

Broken bat mini collection

more mini collections, Budweiser

It's Hammer time

future HOF'er last cards

And most important new bubble cards for "the collection"

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Best Trade so far

 I've been trading on TCDB for a couple of months and this trade with coachspike has been the 

most fun.  I thought I'd show the cards which includes a few for my "Bob" collection, an early minor 

league card and my first Goudey Indian Gum.

1939 Play Ball HOF'er Bill Terry

Last Card Musial

A more modern Stan

I have been collecting Minor League unique cards
1947 Oakland Oaks

1947 Bond Bread Bobbie Doerr

Another "Bob" card

Very Cool   1933 - 40 Goudey Indian Gum

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

New bubble cards and more from COMC

 I received 10 new bubble cards for my collection from COMC.  Also closed out a couple of sets

and added a few more I needed.

Acuna is now in my top 3 of bubble blowers

You find bubbles in all sorts of different places

Including other sports,  Hockey leads 

In my collection of bubbles, parallels are sometimes the hardest to find.

One of other sets i'm collecting.  Hard to finish when this set was spread over many

My HOF sunset collection adds another card.
Will I add 4 or 5 more?

Beltre for sure, will Wagner, Sheffield, Helton,
Mauer and Andruw Jones all be voted in?
Biggest class in a long time?

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Spring training nears

 Here is a hodgepodge of cards from some recent trades on TCDB.  

Two new bubble cards from Johnny's Trading Spot

Need 3 more cards to complete set
Have doubles to trade

A guy blowing a bubble gets the girl.

You don't see too many cards with an all white background

We still don't know if this future HOF'er has called it quits

Can you believe Spring Training starts in 41 days.

Sports Illustrated mini collections

 I've been entering my cards into TCDB for the last couple of months.  Most for sale or trade. I came across a box of SI that has not be...