Saturday, February 19, 2022

Multi Sport Crossover

 Lately it seems like i've been able to go thru more multi-sports and non-sports cards.   I'm always on the lookout for any card that is a non standard pose.   However, I'm starting with one of the the "Bubble Gum Baseball" cards that Gavin, baseballcardbreakdown, sent me.

I have received customs from several other artists, but Gavin's is the best by a large margin.

Could this be the Tour De Green Bay?

He's got the pads to step right in.

That puck might hurt if he misses.

Some nights goalies might think the puck looks like the size of a basketball.

Looks what came in from the Bay, "Aquaman".

Crossfit potential contestant?

Flyers new mascot.

This is a Topps 1956 card from a plane series.

I learn something new all the time from looking at Cards.

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