Thursday, March 11, 2021

Stick in the Mouth

 U L Washington had many pictures of a toothpick in his mouth on his cards.  Sucker sticks must have also been popular in the 90's.

No sucker on this card, but he was prepared for the game.

Senior League card, still had the toothpick

Monday, March 8, 2021

My birthday present to Nick

 Sorry I didn't do this a little sooner.  Here is my tribute to Chicago oddball cards for Nick's (Dime Box) birthday.

1989 Coca-Cola

Same set, different style.

Size of card is 1/12 x 2 1/2
Cooperstown BallCap Co.

1991 Barry Colla

1995 Cooperstown Bat Co.

1982 Red Lobster

1984 7/UP

Another smaller card, 2 x 3
1992 Krause Publications

2001 Fleer Futures

Happy Belated Birthday


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