Tuesday, July 6, 2021

American Flag

 Sorry i'm a couple of days late, but here are a few of my cards from my American flag collection.

This is actually a painting from my wife 

A night game for Greg 

A vintage stadium for Bo

An "A's" for Fuji

A Cub for Nick

Here come the Olympics

My Tigers

A "posed catch"

An actual catch at the wall

Happy Belated Fourth of July

Thursday, July 1, 2021


 Another of my themed posts about water.  Before I deluge you with the water cards, I found my first Strat O Matic cards.  They were a mixture of 1978 and '79.

The first card will ensure a cold drink for all.

Notice the words on the cup, "Ranger Aid"

a small metal cup

A bottle

Brady must have been thirsty that day.

All the water you need.

Sports Illustrated mini collections

 I've been entering my cards into TCDB for the last couple of months.  Most for sale or trade. I came across a box of SI that has not be...