Sunday, January 15, 2023

stadium club 2022

 I finally got my hobby boxes of 2022 Stadium Club and will show a couple of my favorite photos.

Sets of stadium club from the 2000's are the only sets I'm working to finish.  The collation from my two 

boxes of 2022 were very good.  I'm short 42 from making a set.   The auto's were also pretty good.

This card will probably pay for both boxes with a little left over.  9/10

Smallest printing i've seen on a card.  Since I live 45 miles from Detroit, this card
will also sell well.

This was also a great auto, but since it's full of bubble gum, I'll keep this one

I can add this one to my american flag collection

Here's a recycled Ted photo

This is the first time i've seen this Babe photo.

Sports Illustrated mini collections

 I've been entering my cards into TCDB for the last couple of months.  Most for sale or trade. I came across a box of SI that has not be...