Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Shiny Cards

 Quite a few bloggers show or talk about Shiny cards.  I'm no exception.  I've collected Shiny for a while

and have an entire binder full of Shiny cards.

Let's start with our new HOF'ers

Both McGriff and Rolen this year

Future HOF'er?

Here is a series I'm collecting.  If anybody has extras to trade
I'm interested.   I have about 1/2 so far.

I thought I read that Gavin has this shiny card in a Trout rookie.

Speaking of Mike, nice to have one that's numbered.

And his teammate for now.

I got this shiny card a long time ago.

IT seems that I have a larger portion of Dodgers Shiny than other teams.

Pinnacle has more Shiny than other manufacturers in my collection.

How about yours?

Sports Illustrated mini collections

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