Sunday, October 31, 2021

Non Sport Cards

 I have a binder full of Non Sport Cards that I collect because they remind me of my earlier years.   

I don't collect cards to make sets.(exception: Stadium baseball)  Usually if I can get one card that has a 

story, I'm happy.

Still not sure what this card is

Go Mario

Poster Girl

Diana Rigg from the Avengers(before the newer Avengers)

A tv show I watched, The Rat Patrol

A Sports Illustrated card

I have watched the Goonies a lot of times

There are a lot of fantasy cards

Bond, James Bond

I liked the original version

Another Sports Illustrated card


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

No theme, just some different cards.

 I keep a pile of different cards on my desk with unique twists on the game.  I try to accumulate a

few with the same theme, but sometimes there are only a few or one of a kind.

I'm always on the lookout for a brand of card I've never seen

This theme is probably on a few cards, but here are two I have

Doesn't look like bubble gum to me

Supply your own caption for this card!

Ron Howard was actually a pretty good athlete

Could this be the bird Randy Johnson hit?

Give me just one at bat.

That tiger looks hungry

Error Cards

 It's been awhile.  About three months I bought a collection of cards from 1991 - 2006.  All sports and mainly sets and inserts.   There...