Friday, August 27, 2021

Bubble Stars

 As I keep expanding my bubble collection, sports other than baseball are a good source.

Of the more than 1100 different bubble cards, my basketball portion  is rising.  Here are some of my 


Although most bubble cards are from the 90's, LeBRON has a couple of newer ones.

Michael was shown in photos blowing a bubble, but this is the first card I have.

Rookie card and bubble

I have quite a few larger cards, magazines covers, etc. with bubbles

The hardest cards to get are numbered, this Eugenio is 4/5

Saturday, August 7, 2021


 Crossover.   There have been many players that crossed over to play a different sport.  Here I'll show a 

few that might have aspirations but never fulfilled them.  A few that did and were more well known.

Also a couple of cards that are updates to earlier mini collection themes.

Can you name this HOF'er?

Bubby Brister

Brian Jordan played along side Bo and Deion

Bo Knows

Marques's younger brother Matt played for Seattle and Tigers

Who's on First.

Update 1, HOF'ers making guest appearances on a card

Update 2, My favorite Hammer card

Answer:  Ronnie Lott

Sports Illustrated mini collections

 I've been entering my cards into TCDB for the last couple of months.  Most for sale or trade. I came across a box of SI that has not be...