Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Spring training nears

 Here is a hodgepodge of cards from some recent trades on TCDB.  

Two new bubble cards from Johnny's Trading Spot

Need 3 more cards to complete set
Have doubles to trade

A guy blowing a bubble gets the girl.

You don't see too many cards with an all white background

We still don't know if this future HOF'er has called it quits

Can you believe Spring Training starts in 41 days.


  1. I'm usually excited for it the first of January, but I'm too cold right now to think about Spring Training!

  2. I'll flip through those racing and soccer cards here shortly to see if I find gum. It won't be long as I plan on shipping all of those out soon.

    1. racing and sccoer hasn't produced any bubbles yet. I did find a sandlot timmy timmons though if you need it lmk.

    2. I have both Timmons. Need Wendy and Smalls

  3. I'll be bummed if Kershaw retires... but if he did, he'd wrap up one heck of a career. If he decides to continue playing... I hope he stays with the Dodgers.


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