Sunday, March 29, 2020

Estate Sale 3

For my third post from the estate sale, I'll show some pictures from the boxes of misc stuff.
My friend's half included about 200 various sports magazines but here are two magazines that I got in one of my boxes.

There were also a lot of photos and larger pieces.  Most of these I'm showing you were 8 x 10's.

There were about 10 of these Barry Cola photos from 1989.

This photo shows a little history.

No other info on this.   It folds and there are four separate pictures of Brooks.

I think the whole series of Baseball talk was included.

Another interesting piece was this 13 x 21 poster of the Babe and Hank.

The Brotherhood of Excellence poster features the same graphic as a carving by Art Inyo McKellips that was unveiled at Atlanta Stadium in 1974.


  1. Lots of great oddball stuff. I'm I'm drooling over the Baseball Talk.

    1. Me too. One of my favorite oddball issues of the 80's.


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