Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Minor League Bubbles

Minor League bubble blowing cards are the one category that I can still use a number of base cards.
Specific cards are harder to find then you would think.  Some of the cards I'm looking for are available in sets and some individual cards are expensive.  My minor league collection recently surpassed 25 bubble cards, but this is one part of the baseball card family that I know has more bubble cards.

 1992 Chipper Hologram

Coaches and Trainers

Big bubbles and a green bubble


  1. Hi. I've enjoyed following your blog for a while; it's one of several that inspired me to launch my own. It's Bill's Baseball Card Blog (I know, not terribly original). I hope you check it out. Merry Christmas! CinciCuse Bill

    1. I checked out your blog and will add it to my Teammates Blogroll. Contact me about a trade Bob

  2. Wow, a strength & conditioning coach bubble! That's gotta be a rarity.



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