Saturday, November 18, 2023

Baseball and other Sport All Stars

 Over the years there have been many players that have played and excelled at multiple sports.

Jim Thorpe, Bo Jackson, Dave Debusschere, Dave Winfield, Kenny Lofton and many others.

Here are a few baseball cards of All Stars from other Sports and occupations.

Football.  Russell Wilson had played in the NFL for 6 seasons when this card was issued.

Another Football Star Quarterback.

A few Basketball stars.

Larry Bird played a doubleheader for Indiana State before he was drafted by the Celtics.
The baseball coach at Indiana State dared him to play and Bird responded by 
going 1 - 2 with two RBI's.  He also recorded 9 Putouts at 1st base.  His .500 average
is in the school's record books as one of the highest ever.

Probably the most famous to play two sports.  

Hockey HOF'er.

Adam Oates, another Hockey HOF'er.

The Rifleman was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers and also played for the Cubs in the majors
and in the minors for the Yankees.  Conners also played for the Boston Celtics and is know for being the first player in the NBA to shatter a glass backboard.  

A lot of actors have tried their hands at baseball.  Will Ferrell payed for 10 teams
during spring training in 2015 all on the same day.  Garth Brooks, Billy Crystal, Kevin Costner 
and Tom Selleck were also among those that played in spring training. 


  1. That Danny Ainge card was first revealed to me by my brother back in the 80's. I thought it was so cool that a basketball player had a baseball card.

  2. I did not know that tidbit about Connors and the backboard.

  3. You have some of the coolest and fun collections. I wrote about Garth, Billy, and Tom years ago:

    P.S. Now that I'm on break... I was able to sit down in my office and do some card related stuff. Things have been a little rough for me with my father and one of my closest friends passing away recently, but opening up that package you had shipped me and seeing that belt brought a smile to my face. It's so cool. Thank you! I'll definitely show it off in a post (hopefully sooner... than later).

  4. Dave Winfield was selected in the the drafts for the MLB, NFL, and NBA!


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