Monday, December 12, 2022

Baseball Movies

 While watching the Sandlot for probably the 100th time, I decided to see if was ranked on a list of best 

baseball movies.  I've used Baseball Almanac as my main reference for the rest of this post.

The first Baseball Movie was titled "the Ball Game" and came out in 1898 and was made by

Thomas Edison.  There are over 300 titles on their list which includes Naked Gun, City Slickers,

Space Jam and Ferris Bueller.  Everyone has their favorite baseball movie.  On Baseball Almanac,

my favorite The Sandlot, is ranked #9.

2018 Topps Archives

I'm trying to build this set and still need these 4 cards.  Wendy, Smalls, 
Kenny Denunez and Tommy Timmons
I have an extra Hercules to trade and would consider trading some good cards
for any one of my 4 missing cards.

This card not only started my love of Bubble cards but also cements my love 
of the "sandlot".

Babe Ruth has had his share of baseball movies

Jackie's first movie debuted in 1952.

Kelly could ride a mean motorcycle, 1976.

My favorite baseball bit.

If you build it, he will come.

Just a bit outside.

My favorite card from this movie, My granddaughter is named Millie.

There are many movies for MLB teams

Some movies I had never heard of

I have no cards for the movie "The Rookie" but here are one of my many
Jim Morris rookie cards.

I also could not find any cards from the movie "Trouble with the Curve"
My daughter was living in Decatur, Ga. and they shot some scenes from
this movie on her street.  She said they blocked here street for a few days
when filming.  She reported no sightings of Clint Eastwood.

What is your favorite Baseball Movie?


  1. Lot of good ones! My favorites are The Sandlot and Major League. Least favorite is Bad News Bears.

  2. I might have some of the Sandlot singles you need I just have to find them if I find them would you be interested in going through my needs

  3. The Natural is my favorite with Pride of the Yankees at #2.
    The Sandlot is terrific, watch it anytime its in, definitely in my top 10.

    Good Job! 👍

  4. Major League will always be my favorite.

  5. I half-jokingly say Naked Gun is my favorite baseball movie even though it's really just that one scene. But yeah, also love the Sandlot. Just watched a reunion doc on youtube a week or so ago.. everybody was there except Benny (legal trouble still?). I might have dupes of some of those Archives inserts that I can check for later when I'm home. Btw Bob, thanks a lot for the recent package! I'll blog about it soon and hope to get a return to you eventually.

  6. The Sandlot is easily #1 - it's my all-time favorite movie, period. My #2 would probably be Eight Men Out, a great film that doesn't get talked about nearly enough in the world of baseball movies.

  7. "Least favorite is 'Bad News Bears" ... LOL, someone has an issue. That's easily one of the best. Not sure if it's my favorite, probably in the top 3 though. ... Sandlot wouldn't make my top 10, just too much of a kids movie for me. It's all right. ... Major League and Bull Durham are great. Field Of Dreams is still awesome. Moneyball is terrific. Eight Men Out is good, too, kind of found it a bit slow the first time I watched it. I just saw The Natural for the first time in a long time. I like it, but I think a lot of that is because it was shot in Buffalo. Can't forget A League Of Their Own either.

  8. Pride of the Yankees is my favorite. It's one of the movies I'll toss into my computer and play in the background while I sort cards or work in my office. The most recent baseball movie I watched was Moneyball. Seen it several times and it never gets old.


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