Monday, January 20, 2020

Bubbles 1sts

Bubble Blowing cards had some unique firsts.   There is the first parallel bubble.

Unless you count the 1975 Mini of Bert Blyleven.
Is that set counted as a Parallel?
1992 Leaf

3 or more parallels.  Base, Mini and Micro.
1993 Topps

More than one player on a card with a bubble.
1993 UD

2005 eTopps

A different player making a guest appearance on someone else's card.
Future Hof'er Todd Helton?

Another guest appearance.

1993  Bart and Bo

One of many oddball bubbles.

There are over 40 HOF'ers on Bubble Blowing cards.  Some during their
playing years and a few showing up on a card after retiring.

2004 UD Timeless

2013 Hometown Heroes

Parallels are both a blessing and a curse.  There are over 200 cards still on my wantlists
and 90% of the cards are Parallels.   Some of these are 1/1 that I know I'll never acquire.

But it keeps me going.


  1. There is also the 1993 Topps Gold variation. Are there any bubble cards in 1992 Topps? Then you would have the base, the gold, and the gold winner.
    Do you have a master list of all the bubble cards you have? I'd love the chance to find a bubble you don't have.

  2. That Garcia rainbow 9-pocket page looks awesome!


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