Thursday, January 23, 2020

Most Bubble Cards

Reader Matt,, asked me who has the most Bubble cards.  His guess was the Salvador Perez must have a lot.   For a current player, his cards are cool and he is always smiling.   However, Salvador is way down the list of players with the most different cards.  On this list parallels don't count.   First on this list is Frank Thomas.

His First out of 20 different cards

Next on the list with 14 cards.

This is my favorite Bubble Card.  The only card with Two people blowing Bubbles on the same card.

Mike Piazza is next with 12 cards.

Followed by Will Clark with 11.

Jeff Cirillo is the only other player with at least 10 cards.

With players that are still active, Adam Jones has 9 cards and I'm hoping that he might give me my 1st Japanese League card.

The next current player is Manny Machado who is tied with Robinson Cano with 8.

Other players with at least 5 cards.

My first certified Autograph Bubble card.

And this card, look closely at Alomar, sliding, blowing and safe.


  1. This is some great research! I've only now started to notice a bubble card here and there. Thanks for posting this leader board!

  2. Had no idea there were this many "bubble gum" cards. That Chipper Brinkley card is awesome!

    1. Totally agree on the Brinkley card! Lots of HoFers too!


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