Tuesday, February 11, 2020

80's Sunset cards

My last Sunset card post ended with a 1981 McCovey TCMA.   While there were a few cards in the 50's, 60's and 70's with Sunset cards other than Topps, the 80's began the trend for multiple Sunset cards.  More than half of the HOF'ers with Sunset cards in the 80's were not Topps.  With single HOF'er cards in 1981 - McCovey and 1983 - Stargell

How many of you knew that Willie's given name was Wilver?

1984 is tied with the most HOF'er Sunset cards in any single year, 5.

Jenkins, Palmer, Bench, Perry and Yastrzemski

The first Star baseball card I can find was a 1983 series of Mike Schmidt cards.
The Yaz above was from his final card year but the only stats are the two on his card.

Another card manufacturer had their initial card produced in 1984.  But of the 5 Hof'ers
in 1984 only Palmer had a Ralston Purina card.  Remember Donkey-Kong cereal?

Bench, Yaz, and Perry all had Sunset cards from Fleer.
Check out the old ESPN logo.

Rod Carew had more Sunset cards than any other HOF'er in the 80's, including this
Woolworth card.   7 batting titles.

There are only a handful of HOF'ers with only a single Sunset Card.

Steve Carlton 1988 Fleer and

1987 Fleer Tony Perez are the two in the 80's.

Another new card manufacturer Sportsflics added Sunset cards for Both Seaver and Reggie Jackson

Score had a series of 5 commemorative cards for Reggie in 1988 but the above
cards had all his final stats.

Score also had Sunset cards for Sutton and Niekro

and finally in 1989 another card co. had a sunset card of our newest HOF'er.


  1. Dang it, I thought I had all the '87 Seavers. Forgot about Sportflics!

  2. I have some of your 2018 Stadium wantlist if your interested in trading

  3. Great post. It was cool to see all of these sunsets together in one post... plus it reminded me just how beautiful the 1988 Score card backs are.

  4. The '84 Fleer Bench is definitely one of my all-time favorite sunset cards.


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