Saturday, February 15, 2020

Game cards

Another of my Mini collections is Game cards.  My oldest card is for a Milton Bradley game
from 1969.

Milton Bradley also had games in 1968, 1970 and 


As a kid, my brother and I would spend hours spinning games on our Cadaco.
We used the discs from an early version from the 40's.  Wish I still had the game now.
My uncles collected cards from the 50's and we played spitball card games with lots of 1952 cards.
My brother and I got all their cards and eventually they got thrown away.  Maybe I could have retired earlier if we still had those '52 Mantles I used to play with.

A Much newer version.

Here is a game card from the 1968 Topps set.

Newer versions.

1989 had a couple of different games including Main Street Baseball, which according to a few articles, claim it is the "worst" baseball game ever.

The other game was Grand Slam Baseball.

MLB Showdown has been around for awhile and the cards are fun.

Another game from 1994 was Scratch Off from Collectors Choice.

Games from Upper Deck includes Sportsnuts

and 2005 Flyball

1998 Skybox Double Header

These next three are probably not games.

The last card is my favorite.  Konami Field of Nine which I think is from 2000.


  1. The 'game cards' I have always wanted the most are the ones from the Sega Card Genesis arcade machine in Japan. I'm not sure how many years they made those. I haven't ever tried to track down any of the cards, because far more than I want the cards - I want to try playing the game.

  2. There sure are a lot of game cards. Wasn't there also a series of red scratch-off cards Topps produced in the 1970s-early '80s?

    I like the Upper Deck Fly Ball cards, though I haven't seen any in person. Also, I still need a couple of the 2017 Topps Heritage Game cards.

  3. The 1968 Topps Game cards are fantastic! I'm also a fan of the 1970 Topps Scratch Off cards... and of course the mid 90's Collector's Choice You Crash the Game inserts.

  4. You got some cool ones there. I also collect game cards (and sweepstakes, special offer, redemption, info, etc). We'll need to trade sometime.


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