Sunday, February 23, 2020

More 90's Bubbles

There are more than twice as many unique Bubble cards from the 90's compared to any other decade.
When you add parallels to the mix it's not as uneven.  This card was the first to feature more than 4 parallels.

1995 Stadium Ken Hill

This card has 7 total versions.

Another feature in the 90's was multiple images on cards, front and back.

And this image of Cliff Floyd.  I'm always looking for someone blowing a bubble in the background.
I have a few so far, but someday I'll find a card with someone in the crowd blowing a bubble.

Here is a rookie card of Brian Giles.  Playing a prank on a rookie is standard practice.

This card of Jeff Bagwell was hard to find.

Closing out with the standard picture of a ballplayer with his glove on his head.  
And the back of a Jordan I already posted.  A future post will show all the cards
with pictures of Bubbles on both sides of a card.

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  1. Nice to see a SI for Kids card in this post. And that Giles is fantastic!


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