Friday, February 28, 2020

Guest appearance

I was going through some cards and wondered if this card would qualify for one of my first mini collections, HOF'er Guest appearance.

I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers have similar collections and was wondering if you had
certain criteria for these types of cards.  All of the cards I will show today have two HOF'ers
on a card.  I have over 100 such cards with two HOF'ers, about 400 with a HOF'er making a guest appearance and about 200 with a future HOF'er on each card.

There are vintage cards

Newer cards with vintage photos

Fisk and Yaz

Yogi is 2nd with total appearances after Rickey Henderson

The last card combines two of mini collections.  Sunset cards and Guest appearances.

How many of you have similar collections?   I have lot's of duplicates to trade.


  1. I never set out to specifically collect these but I have found myself accumulating cards with notable cameos. That Vlad (guest starring Ripken) is a particular favorite of mine.

  2. I'm not a mini-collection guy (I collect everything) but I actually have a list of "guest appearances" - I will have to check it out for our next trade.

  3. Cool to see Ozzie with two of my all-time favorite baseball players.

  4. These are neat, I don't have a collection of cameos specifically but I do notice when a HOFer or player I like makes a guest appearance on a card.


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