Thursday, April 9, 2020

Inspired by another post

In the middle of my daily ritual, looking at my favorite blogs, I was inspired by Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life to post a blog about my Pepsi and Coca Cola cards.  I love to collect at least one oddball card of each set.   I really don't try to collect a whole set of each oddball.  If you have any singles of any food, retailer, minor league card or other misc. logo on a card, please let me know and I'll be happy to trade.    Let's start with the Coke cards.

I love minor league cards, especially the older ones.

1982 plus local Boston retailer.

Last World Series title for the Tigers.  Mr. Tiger we will miss you.


1994 Collect a Card

Ok now the Pepsi

1984 Marysville

2000 Upper Deck 1 of 15

1991 Reds

I finish with a 2003 Fleer mini.


  1. Those are all so cool. I especially like the 1981 Topps offer card.

  2. Schmidt is always a good get, but it's the same photo as his regular Topps card.

  3. I absolutely love the early '80s Coke sets, so much so that I will gladly take any from any team.

    The later years stuff I can take or leave. I like the oddballs but as the '80s went on they seemed cheaper than the '70s/early '80s oddballs for whatever reason.

  4. I love food/drink issued oddballs -- didn't know a Hardee's set existed though!

  5. I've always been a Coke guy... and I do like the early 80's Coke cards. But when it comes to soda cards... it's gonna be hard to top the 1977 MSA Pepsi discs.

  6. Great stuff. Some day I should pick up a card from the '63 Pepsi Houston Colt .45s set, those are really nice looking cards, especially when they are completely intact (unperforated).



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