Monday, August 17, 2020

Al Kaline oddball

 Al Kaline was my favorite player.  I had an A2000 Al Kaline mitt and my first little league home run was with a 34 Inch Al Kaline bat.  My tribute to Al is this card from Tiger Stadium.

The following are some other oddball cards.  The first is from a Tigers schedule.

Stroh's, Blatz, Milwaukee's best, Buckeye and Heilman's were all Regional Beers.

Another of my favorite Minor League cards.

I never liked black licorice, but Red Twizzlers were the best.

Tony's daughter says he must hydrate.

And this card is one of the many colorful names that frequent baseball cards.


  1. These cards are all most definitely wonderful & terrific!

  2. Dang. You hit a home run with a 34 inch bat? I think I used a 30. Lol. Awesome cards as usual... especially the Giantettes.

  3. Some fantastic cards here. My favorite is the top one of course. I have a '70s "Take the Pepsi Challenge" sticker.


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