Friday, May 20, 2022


 I haven't gone out of my way to collect pins but i've managed to accumulate some interesting

pins over the years.   I'm sorry about the clarity of some of these pictures.

I have a few more from this year 

A few All Star Games

There are 6 pins that make up this puzzle

With the stats on the back of this pin it's almost a "Pin Card"

A rookie card pin

A Final Four, Rose Bowl and Super Bowl

My team is not doing so well




  1. That rookie card pin is neat. I wonder what other cards the company produced. If there's a Gwynn or a Rickey, I'd love to get my hands on them. As for that Team USA Puzzle pin, I remember those. They came in the 2004 Upper Deck USA sets (one per set). Don't think I ever completed the puzzle and have no idea where those pins ever went.

  2. These are some cool ones. That Boggs is my favorite of the bunch.


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