Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Die Cut

 One of my mini collections are Die Cuts.  My quick research shows Die Cuts were originally called

Scraps and were around as early as the 1800's.

There were quite a few baseball "Scraps" in the late 1890's and early Twentieth Century

While I don't have any original Scraps, here is a reprint card of HOF'er
Jess Haines

My die cuts started with the deckle edge

All shapes and sizes

Lots of Heroes

Jersey Die Cut

This is my 10th in this series

Yes Father I got this on Ebay

Probably technically not a die cut but I like it

I thought i should show at least one bubble card

I actually hung this on my tree one year.

Happy Holidays a little early.


  1. THe Christmas ornament ones from PAcific were a really neat idea. I also really like the Fleer Club 3000s

  2. Great variety! Love the Studio Hard Hats and the Diamond Cuts.

  3. Given how many die-cuts have come out just since the 1990's, you'll probably never run out of cards to collect.

  4. I like that Foxes advertising card too. I'm trying to think of any die-cuts from the '80s but am coming up blank.

  5. I've come around on die-cuts - I used to not be a huge fan, but a lot of 'em grab my attention now. That Diamond Cuts one is excellent & I hadn't seen those before.

    (Got your package yesterday by the way, thanks for another great heap of cardboard!!)


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