Monday, August 1, 2022

Inspired by The Night Owl

 I was getting ready to do a different post, but after reading Greg's post and ready about 

Nichelle Nichols,

I changed course and will post my version of the Ladies of the Screen.  I bet i'm quite a few years older 

then Greg so some of my Ladies are from an earlier time and a few the same.

New adventures for Nichelle Nichols, R.I.P.

Gidget and the Flying Nun

Scully and Mulder

My favorite SI model

Buck Rodgers   My daughter's name is Erin

Who was the best Catwomen


Sorry about that, Chief.   Missed it by that much.

You can never have too much Bo.


  1. Gigdet is a good one. Wilma Deering is too.

  2. Barbara Feldon is my favorite here.

  3. Rachel Hunter! That's a blast from the past. A few others I don't know.



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