Thursday, April 30, 2020

I Miss Baseball

As I was going through my cards again, some of the cards were telling me a story.  Someday might there not be any more umps.

No more "high fives"

Interactions with the fans.

Empty stadiums

What about the players with no one to play catch.

Are they getting frustrated?

I hope they all remember this is still a game and have fun.


These last pictures are for Greg at Night Owl.
Batting Donuts and these other items no longer in use.

I actually have a mini collection with about 10 sledgehammers.


  1. Would love to see all the sledgehammer cards.

  2. I'm missing baseball more and more each day. I think I have a few sledgehammer cards, I'd have to check -- that Conine is definitely new to me though!

  3. I second Night Owl's post. Bring out the sledgehammers!

  4. Sledgehammer collection? That's definitely unique and cool. I think had you led off with the question... how many cards featuring "sledgehammers" are in my collection? I would have set the over/under at two. Ten? I can't wait to see them.


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