Monday, May 11, 2020

Hammer and donuts

When I added a Conine Hammer card to my last post it led to me going down a "Donut Hole".

I'm not the first person to use this picture in a post.  "Playing with my Cards" had a post back in 2013 with this image of Fielder.

Connie it seems started with a donut in this 1994 card

There have been many early cards with batters holding multiple bats to warm up.

So far, this is the earliest card I can find with a donut.

1972 Braves postcard.

Almost every year from 1973 through 2011 have at least one donut card.

This 1977 Dave Parker was the first card I could find with a double donut.

There has been a few different variations on the "Hammer".

1992 Hal Morris uses a little of everything.

Donuts have run the gamut.  From Rookie cards -

through Last "sunset" cards.


Senior League



Lots of pictures of bats wrapped in tape for batting practice.

More double donuts

My favorite picture combines donuts and bubbles.

The donut evolved into sleeves that are being used in our present.

Here comes the Hammer.

J.D. Hammer

three hammers and nails


  1. Great post! I never really thought to document all the different types of bats on cards -- there's way more variations here than I ever thought there were. The taped-up bats are particular favorites of mine.

  2. It's amazing how many cards I recognized without realizing the equipment they were using! This was a cool post!

  3. Wow. Never would have guessed there were so many hammer and donut cards in existence. Had to see it to believe it. Very cool collection.



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