Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 I've worn glasses since the 3rd Grade.  Here are a few cards with different types of glasses.

Ryne Duran was noted for his fastball and wildness.  His glasses helped his reputation.

How's this for a glint in your eye?

Hall of Famer Chick Hafey

Here's the Silliest pair

Shagging fly balls in the outfield?

And a few other fun Glasses cards


  1. Specs have always been a kind of informal mini-collection of mine - I don't chase them with regularity, but I always get a chuckle out of seeing them pop up here and there.

  2. I started wearing glasses when I was in college. Started when I struggled reading the board in forums. My eyes have gotten exponentially worse the past decade or so. As for cards, I'm sure I have a bunch of Gwynn duplicates. I'm guessing there are some with him wearing glasses. I'll send them your way, since I rarely see gum cards. My favorite glasses on cards are the flip up glasses from a few decades ago.

  3. I've had glasses since second grade, but thankfully my eyesight has stayed the same for the last couple of years.

    Those are fun - the Alex Verdugo is very odd.

    In a post last year I talked about how my dad once tried warming up like Ryne Duren, with heaters into the screen. https://adventuresofabaseballcardcollector.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-rest-of-my-comc-shipment-pre-war.html

  4. I've worn glasses since 5th grade, although I started wearing contacts a few years later due to sports and stuff. I still wear contacts every single day of my life. Maybe one day I'll get corrective surgery, but Im afraid of lasers being pointed at my eyeballs.


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