Monday, June 20, 2022

Another estate sale, part 1

 My card partner Pat is a bloodhound.  He scours Facebook, Craigslist, our local auctions and anywhere

else that lists sports cards for sale.  He will travel over an hour if there is a remote chance to find cards.

Sometimes the results are no cards but he still finds sports related memorabilia, sometime only junk era 

cards but once in a while there is a pot of gold at the end of his chase.   This is the 2nd estate sale that  

has resulted in gold in the last 3 months.  This was a garage/estate sale that said sports stuff.  He got 

there and found a couple of sports items.  Pat always asks if there are any cards.  This mom says her 

kids have a few totes of cards for sale.   There are 3 totes full of cards just thrown in willy nilly.

This is after i've spent a day sorting to get the bottom of one tote.

Part 1 will be the vintage and unusual cards

Each tote had about 10,000 cards.  As I started sorting there was a mix of junk cards with some more recent sprinkled in.  After I pulled a few update rookie cards I realized that a majority of the recent cards were from update sets.  A lot of the cards had some damage due to how they were just thrown into the tote.  But overall, it was still the most fun i've ever had exploring a "pot of gold".

Out of the 30,000 cards there were less than 25 vintage cards mostly commons

Quite a few autos

Walmart cereal cards

Jersey and bat cards.   It looks like cork and feels like cork, Hmmm.

Part 2 preview, my favorite oddballs


  1. A. I have a "bloodhound" buddy too. He is constantly looking for stuff on CL and FB. It's kind of an art and always fun to see what he finds.

    B. There were some pretty nice finds in that tote. In an era where people treat cards as treasure, I'm surprised there are still people who would toss a Jeter jersey card or Hrabosky autograph into a tote without any protection. On the other hand... the whitening on the edges of that Hrabosky kind of gives that card an "authentic" vintage feel.

  2. I need a bloodhound card buddy, how much do one of those cost?

  3. I'm a pretty good bloodhound myself, sure wish I had a bloodhound buddy too. Those tubs must have been a lot of fun to go through!

  4. Yeah, I definitely need to know someone like this. It sounds like fun to dig through yard sales and local meet-ups, but I always find myself not having the time or energy.

  5. Looks like fun. I like that Kareem, just a very cool looking card.

  6. I wouldn't be able to keep up with a friend like this.


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