Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Part 2 - Different Cards for me

 This is Part 2 of our most recent Estate/Tote discovery.  There are some cards here that I don't see often or haven't seen ever.

There were 6 of these Harlem Globetrotter cards

An oddball Arod rookie card

Our soon to be HOF'er

My first printing plate and 1/1

A shiny Babe

3D Willie


A mini Mantle

Another shiny card for my collection

At least 15 SP's

Including this Manny Rookie

Speaking of rookies, Part 3 


  1. Love Flagship SPs (you found 15 of them?!) & especially fond of the 2011 Legends like that Nolan Ryan.

  2. Wow, no idea what set that Thurman Munson is from but it's cool!

  3. More awesome stuff. Crazy that someone just tossed a printing plate of Seager into a tote. Love that Mays... and the Machado is a really nice find.

  4. 3D Mays and shiny Munson are my favorite ones here.

  5. I'm amazed at the variety that was in this tote, usually such totes are just full of junked base cards.



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