Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Part 3 - Rookies

 Nobody could leave that many rookies in a tote.  After emptying the first tote, I was on my way to an 

unreal amount of rookie cards.   I found my first Judge rookie in the first fistful of cards.

There were a total of 9 Judge rookies, including 4 different versions.

Bellinger had 8

7 Ohtani's and 4 Acuna Jr's

Along with above 3 there were single rookies of Arenado, Sale, Scherzer

Rizzo, J D Martinez, Altuve, Freeman, Soto, Tatis and more.

Sorry this card should have been in part 2

This all lead up to a discovery in the third tote.  I have a bucket list

that includes some baseball related items.   First is visiting the ballparks

of all 30 clubs.   Although I have seen games in over 30 so far, some have

been for the same team.  As a kid, my father took me to a game at

Crosley Field in Cinci.  I have also been to a game at Riverfront and

Great American Ballpark in Cinci.   These clubs have had me seeing games at

two different ballparks: Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburg, White Sox and Mets.

However I still need to see a game in Philly, Denver, Arizona, Tampa, Minneapolis

and D. C.   My second baseball bucket list item is finding a Babe Ruth original vintage card

in an Estate or Garage sale.

I found my third bucket list item in the third tote about halfway down.   I thought I

had found it in the 2nd tote but it was a 65th anniversary reprint.  Although it has a 

bad corner from being in the tote, it still counts.

I have a Bowman Trout rookie that I pulled from a pack back in 2011.  I had no idea who Trout 

was back then.

Do you have any Baseball or Sports bucket list goals?


  1. Wow. Pretty jealous here!!! Obviously the Trout takes the cake, but the Betts and Harper are super cool. And I don't even have a Judge RC!

  2. Wow, that's awesome that the Trout was in there! Even with the bent corner, very cool to own one. And good luck on your quest for all 30 parks! I'm at 11 total, although two are no longer standing.

  3. I got my Trout the same way, years ago before I knew the card was a big deal, possibly before it WAS a big deal. Very lucky.

  4. Wowza. Congratulations on catching that Trout!



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