Thursday, October 12, 2023

Early TV Shows

 I have a binder that is full of non sports cards.  I've collected these cards mainly for nostalgia of my 

life.   I probably watch too much tv and this first batch of cards is from my early years.

My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs Gould and her cousin was the trainer for Clayton Moore's

horse, Silver.  We would get almost daily stories of Silver's exploits.  Kimosabe.


Soupy Sales was a Saturday morning kids show. Characters were White Fang and Pookie.

Every week Soupy would get a pie in his face.


Matt Dillon, Chester, Kitty, Doc, and Festus were all favorites.


Zorro on TV starred Guy Williams.


Both Andy Griffith and the Three Stooges debuted in 1960

Jeopardy with Art Fleming as host began in 1964

Ron Ely was Tarzan along with Cheeta



  1. I've got a good chunk of the Topps Davy Crockett set from 1956. Got them from my uncle along with his baseball cards of the era. Would definitely consider trading some or all (of the Davy Crockett--not trading the baseball!). Condition is not too good, just to be fair. You can reach me at my screen name at Gmail if interested.

  2. Soupy Sales always makes me laugh especially because whenever I mention the name to a buddy of mine, he goes ballistic. He literally can't stand him. I always thought Soupy was pretty funny though.


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