Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Error Cards

 It's been awhile.  About three months I bought a collection of cards from 1991 - 2006.  All sports

and mainly sets and inserts.   There were 120 - 5000 ct boxes.   That's a lot of cards.  About 3 weeks ago  

I finally sold the last of the cards and doubled my investment.  In all those cards I found only two new 

bubble cards that I didn't have.  It was fun, but a lot of work.

Probably not going to be getting many new cards so my posts will be from existing collection I've

amassed over the last 35 years.

This post is from my Error card binder.  Enjoy.

Richard Hildago on the front andAbreu on the back

It seems for a couple of years Milt Cuyler and Sweet Lou  were the same
1992 and 1994

Last name they got right.  But this is Tino.

More Tiger errors, Travis Fryman

Not Shawn but Alex Gonzales

One of the two well known rookie errors of Carlos Beltran, not Juan Labron

Base stealers are back,  Otis Nixon

New HOF'er Scott Rolen

David Segui

Same team, but Tom Glavine

This year had multiple cards with errors

Rookie card of Vizquel, not him.


  1. The Vizquel card in particular is funny because that is obviously not his name and number on the back of the uniform.

  2. Wow, I didn't know, or completely forgot, about a bunch of those.

  3. Nice stuff. I wonder how many error cards I have in my collection that I don't know about?

  4. These are always a lot of fun.

  5. I have that Abreu and never noticed he wasn't actually pictured on the front.

  6. Nice collection of error cards! And wow... 120 5,000ct. boxes? That's a lot of cards to sort through. Glad you were able to double your investment. By the way... I received your package. Just haven't had time to open it up. But I will eventually... and honestly... it's one of only a handful of things right now that I'm looking forward to.


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